BMI team

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Current research topics

Invasive brain/bio-medical signal sensing and processing – neural plasticity study using electrical sensing and stimulation

Non-invasive brain/bio-medical sensing and processing (EEG, fNIRs … )

  • Sensory signal processing for artificial biomimetic sensors (olfactory, auditory and tactile)
  • Time delay estimation of ERP trials and cochlear implant (CI) artifact signal suppression
  • Human hemodynamics based BMI study

Simultaneous multiple neural stimulation using MIMO technique

Related projects

  • Rehabilitation and replacement technology for brain damage employing electrical methods (MSIP)
  • Development of cognitive tactile sensors (Samsung)
  • Learning assistance system study by using potable fNIRS (R&E)
  • Development of fusion parts for 3.5 Tesla 6 channel magnetic stimulation and information feedback for a cure for intractable brain disease (MTIE)