Prof. Ji-Woong Choi


Professional Experience

2010~present: Full/Associate/Assistant Professor, Department of EECS (former, ICE), DGIST, Korea
2019~present: Affiliate Researcher, Korea Brain Research Institute, Korea
2018~present: Director, Brain Engineering Convergence Research Center, DGIST, Korea
2017~present: Chief Technology Advisor & Outside Director, VSI, Korea
2012~present: Affiliate Professor, Brain & Cognitive Department, DGIST, Korea
2019~2020: Visiting Professor, Electrical and Information Engineering, Seoul National Univ., Korea
2016~2019: Dean of Admissions & Student Affairs, DGIST, Korea
2007~2010: Staff/Senior Engineer, Marvell Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA, USA
2006-2007: Technical Consultant, GCT Semiconductor, San Jose, CA, USA
2005-2007: Postdoctoral Visiting Scholar, Stanford Univ., CA, USA
2004-2005: Postdoctor, Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center, Seoul National Univ., Korea




  • E3-514, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), DGIST
    Tel: +82-53-785-6311, Email: jwchoi@dgist.ac.kr
  • CV (Jan. 2023) 



Fields of Research Interests

  • Communications theory and signal processing / Machine learning
  • Advanced communication systems including Vehicular (In-vehicle and V2X), 5G/6G cellular, and IoT systems
  • Biomedical communications & signal processing including wireless body area network (WBAN)
  • Invasive and non-invasive brain-machine / computer interface (BMI/BCI)
  • Magnetic communication and energy transfer system
  • Cyber-physical system (CPS) and resilient system design



Selected Awards & Honors

  • Award for Research Excellence, 2019, DGIST
  • Award for Academic Excellence, 2017, DGIST
  • KICS Fall Conference Paper Award, 2016 (Jaeyeon Han et al, Daegu Science High School R&E students)
  • Bronze Award at Samsung Humantechpaper Contest, Samsung Electronics 2015 (SeoeunKim et al, Daegu Science High School R&E students)
  • KICS Fall Conference Paper Award, 2015 (SeoeunKim et al, Daegu Science High School R&E students)
  • Director, The Korea Institute of Communications and Information Sciences (KICS), 2014~
  • PM Review Board Member, Korea Health Industry Development Institute, 2015-2017
  • IEEE Senior Member, 2009~
  • Postdoctoral scholarship from Ministry of Information and Communication, Korea, 2005 -2007
  • Silver award at Samsung Humantech Paper Contest, Samsung Electronics, 2005
  • Best Paper Award, Summer Conference on Commun., KICS, Korea, 2003
  • Scholarship from Nokia Korea, Korea, 2000



Achievements (as of Jan. 2023)

  • International SCI journal papers: 76
  • International conference papers: 59
  • Patents: 80