About Magnetic Team


Purpose of the study

  • Recently, we have substantial demands for the high permittivity channel environments such as underwater, underground, and inside of biological tissues. Magnetic field based techniques are suitable for the high permittivity channels which are a harsh environment to the conventional wireless technologies since the high permittivity is not a significant issue for the magnetic fields. However, the magnetic-based techniques have limitations to be applied to general applications because of the inheritance problems such as low data rate, short transmission range, and power transfer efficiency drop due to misalignment. To mitigate the problems, we present possible solutions for both communication and wireless power transfer.

Current research topics

  • Near-field magnetic MIMO communications using non-coupling coil array for high data rate services
  • Magnetic beamforming wireless power transfer using non-coupling coil array for transmission range extension and misalignment compensation
  • Integrated magnetic system supporting wireless communications and energy transfer
  • Micro-size coil and wireless power transfer system design for microrobotic system

Related projects

  • Development of microrobotic systems for surgical treatment of chronic total occlusion (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MTIE)