About BMI Team


About BMI

BMI is a process for connection between a machine and a brain, from reading brain activities to direct signal transmission by plunging artificial electrical signals into living brain. This concept can be applied to various fields; medical analysis and neuronal treatment, locomotor assistance, gaming entertainment, etc.

Our team is mainly doing research on diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, invasive brain circuit control for Parkinson’s disease, and artificial sensory system development.

Current research topics

Invasive brain/bio-medical signal sensing and processing – neural plasticity study using electrical sensing and stimulation

-Closed-loop stimulation & recording system for homeostasis regulation of Parkinson’s disease

-Simultaneous multiple neural stimulation using MIMO technique

-Stimulation artifact cancellation for simultaneous stimulation and recording system

Non-invasive brain/bio-medical sensing and processing (EEG, fNIRs … )

-Sensory signal processing for artificial biomimetic sensors (olfactory, auditory and tactile)

-Signal processing and machine learning techniques for brain connectivity and bio-signal quality enhancement

-Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using portable fNIRS

Related projects

-Rehabilitation and replacement technology for brain damage employing electrical methods (MSIP)

-Development of mobile platform for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnosis and relief using AI based neuro-feedback (NRF)

-Development of core technology for fusion interface based on high efficiency sensors mimicking human five senses (MSIP)

-Development of fusion parts for 3.5 Tesla 6 channel magnetic stimulation and information feedback for a cure for intractable brain disease (MTIE)