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Recent NEWS (19.02.13)

1.(2019.02) Prof. J.-W. Choi received “Superior Research Award” from DGIST.

2.(2019.02) B. Behboodi and S.-H.Lim’s paper has been accepted “Artificial and convolutional neural networks for assessing functional connectivity in resting-state fNIRS”, Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (SCIE, IF=1.113)

3.(2019.02) S.Han graduated from CSP Lab, DGIST.                                                                       J.Kim, W.Jeong received a bachelor’s degree.

4.(2019.01) Dr. Kim moved to National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore.

5.(2018.12) S.Han received “Outstanding Research Award” from DGIST.

6.(2018.08) H.-J. Kim graduated from CSP Lab, DGIST.

7.(2018.08) S.Han’s paper has been accepted “Secure capacity analysis for magnetic inductive coupling-based SWIPT system”, IEEE Access (SCIE, IF=3.557) (Top 20%)

8.(2018.07) S.-H.Lim’s paper has been accepted “Decoy Signal Based Strategic Beamforming Against High-Power Reactive Jamming”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (SCI, IF=4.432) (Top 20%)

9.(2018.06) H. -J. Kim’s paper has been accepted “Nearly Non-coupling Coil Array Allowing Many Independent Channels for Magnetic Communication ”, IEEE Access (SCIE, IF=3.557) (Top 20%)

10.(2018.04) Homecoming day was held

11.(2018.04) Dr. Lee and S.Han participated in development of positioning-detection devices in motor cars with DTRO
Joongang Ilbo:

12.(2018.03) S. Han’s paper has been accepted “Performance Analysis on DPSK Modulation Employing Symbol Repetition and Interleaving”, International Journal of Communication Systems (SCIE, IF=1.066) 

13.(2018.03) E.M.Choi’s paper has been accepted “Compatibility Analysis of the Turbo Controller Area Network (TURBO CAN)”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (SCI, IF=4.066) (Top 20%)

14.(2018.03) New students joined CSP lab. (J.Yu, D.Y. Lee, B.Kim, J.Kim, W.Jeong)

15.(2018.02) H. -J. Kim received  “2018 Wook Hyoun Kwon’ Outstanding Research Award” from DGIST.

16.(2018.01) Thunderbus (Turbo-CAN) research results was published in on-line papers :
Etnews :
Korea economic :
Newsis : =10800

17.(2017.12) A new project has been initiated
“Development of mobile platform for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnosis and relief using AI based neuro-feedback” (PI), National Research Foundation of Korea, 2017~2021

18.(2017.11) A new project has been initiated
“Development of multi-modal sensing and control for brain functional homeostasis” (PI),  National Research Foundation of Korea, 2017~2022, $7.68million

19.(2017.09) H. -J. Kim’s paper has been accepted “Review of near-field wireless powering and communication for biomedical applications”, IEEE Access (SCIE, IF=3.557) (Top 20%)

20.(2017.09) A new student joined CSP lab. (K.M. Kim)

21.(2017.08) C.-K. Park, S.-H. Hwang and T. Trakoolwilaiwan graduated from CSP Lab, DGIST.

22.(2017.08) Dr. Lee moved to Hanwha System.

23.(2017.08) T. Trakoolwilaiwan and B. Behboodi’s paper has been accepted
“Convolutional neural network for high-accuracy functional near-infrared spectroscopy in brain-computer interface: three-class classification of rest, right and left hand motor execution,” Neurophotonics (SCIE, IF=2.74)

24.(2017.07) Turbo-CAN research results was published in a magazine (과학동아) :

25.(2017.06) A new project has been initiated by Dr. Lee “Research fellowship: Deep learning-based risk minimization for remote medical sensors”

26.(2017.05) K. Kim’s paper has been accepted
“A Quantitative Electroencephalography Study on Cochlear Implant-Induced Cortical Changes in Single-Sided Deafness with Tinnitus,” frontiers in Human Neuroscience :

27.(2017.04) Prof. Choi became an Editor of Journal of Communications and Networks (JCN) in V2X field.

28.(2017.03) Prof.J.-W.Choi had an interview about nurturing talent in 4th-Industrial revolution :

29.(2017.03) New students joined CSP lab. (W.C. Jin, S.T. Kang, S.W. Choi)

30.(2017.02) Seungik Cho joined “VSI (Vehicular Solution Innovated)”.

31. (2017.01) Prof. J.-W. Choi received “Outstanding Research Award” from DGIST.

32. (2017.01) H. -J. Kim received “Outstanding Research Award” from DGIST.



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