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w  Communications theory and signal processing

w  High reliability and low power medical communication

w  High-speed HDL design for communication, signal processing, and IT convergence applications

w  Verification method, Validation way for certification and reliability



Mar/11 - Feb/13

M.S. in Information and Communication Engineering, DGIST, Daegu, Korea

Mar/02 - Feb/09

B.S. in Electronic, Electrical and Computer Science, KNU, Daegu, Korea



Jan/09 - Feb/11

Research Engineer, LIGnex1, Avionics R&D Lab, Daejeon, Korea

- Development Rugged AMLCD Avionics Display

 12.1inch Dumb type Multi-function Display(DMFD) with Touchscreen

 (Display System, MKE Research Project, 2009 Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition)

- Development, 8.4inch DMFD for certification KTSO-C113 (Korea FAA)

- Participated in research, Application of Helmet Mounted Display(HMD) system in Link-K

(Agency for Defense Development, Preceding Study Project)

Feb/13 – Jan/14

Senior Research Engineer, LIGnex1, Communication R&D Lab, Kyunggi-do, Korea

- Development Robot Control Network (RCN) (with Agency for Defense Development)

 Wireless system for unmanned robot, vehicle based on 4G wireless technology

 Including 2x4 MIMO, AMS/AMC, autonomic Ad-hoc network.

(2013 Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition)

Feb/14 – Present

Researcher, Agency for Defense Development (ADD), The 1st R&D Institute, Daejeon, Korea



wResearch on Intra-body Wireless System for Biomedical Implants, MEST, 2012. 5~2015. 4

wArtificial Wireless Implant Technology for Rehabilitation of Human Sensory System, DGIST, 2012.5~2013.12

w  Effective SNR Estimation for LTE system

w  Ground Robot Remote Control system, ADD, 2013.2~2014.1



[1] Inho Choi, Jungyeol Kim, Daebeom Seoug, Switching Mode LED Backlight Luminance Control Circuit for Avionics Display, ADD 40th Anniversary Conference, pp 336 – 338 Aug. 2010.

[2] Inho Choi, Ji-Woong Choi, Improved Noise Power and SNR Estimation using Time & Frequency Fading Characteristics in OFDM Systems, ѱȸ ϰмǥȸ,  June. 2012.

[3] Jeong Hee Shin, Jaehan Im, Sang Sik Shin, Inho Choi, Ji-Woong Choi, and Jae Eun Jang, Asymmetric tunneling metal-insulator-metal diode for high frequency application, IRMMW2012, Aug. 2012


Extra-Curriculum Activities

1.        Student ambassador in DGIST,  publicity activities for advertising the school  (2011.04~)

2.        Graduate (capstone) project. Object traction system using artificial retina CMOS vision chip (edge detection CMOS chip) - Designing Circuit, VHDL, and optical CMOS chip Study

3.        Gold prize in PowerPoint Competition (2009.12), PowerPoint Expert User Group, Microsoft Certified World Largest PowerPoint Community (

4.        Creating J&B club, Participate in Student Venture Competition, Business Presentation Contest, and Samsung Mobile Idea Contest.

5.        IT English Presentation Competition in KNU, Encouragement Prize (2009.11)

6.        Kyung-sin High School. Founding member of Orion(Science research club), Head  of  physics department



1.       Dae-gu Subway Fire, Assistant and teach the Class who cannot attend the school because of  hospital treatment

2.       Tae-an Oil spill, Clean the spilled oil in the shore.