Recent News of  CSP


  • (2020.03) New students joined CSP lab. (D.W. Kim, H.M. Jang)
  • (2020.02) K.S. Kim get postdoctoral fellowship in University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
  • (2020.02) J.-W. Yu and S.-H. Lim’s paper has been accepted “Prefrontal functional connectivity analysis of cognitive decline for early diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study”, Biomedical Optics Express (SCIE, IF=3.91) (Top 20%)
  • (2020.02) H.-J. Kim came to DGIST and held a seminar.
  • (2019.12) CSP lab passed step evaluation of Korea National Research Fund (NRF), Development of multi-modal sensing and control for brain functional homeostasis
  • (2019.10) S. Kang participated in Neuroscience 2019, Chicago, IL, USA
  • (2019.09) New students joined CSP lab. (J.H. Park)
  • (2019.08) K.M. Kim and K.S. Kim graduated from CSP Lab, DGIST.)
  • (2019.07) E.M. Choi and H.S. Song participated in July 2019 IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting.
  • (2019.07) J. Kim, K.S. Kim and S.H. Lim participated 8th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting CNS*2019, Barcelona, Spain
  • (2019.07) Prof. Choi is named as Editor of IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications (TMBMC)
  • (2019.06) J. Yu received “Superior Paper Award” from KICS.
  • (2019.05) 2019 homecoming day was held
  • (2019.03) New students joined CSP lab. (W.J. Jeong, J. Kim, H.S. Song, S.J. Koo, E.H. Kim)
  • (2019.02) Prof. J.-W. Choi received “Superior Research Award” from DGIST.
  • (2019.02) B. Behboodi and S.-H.Lim’s paper has been accepted “Artificial and convolutional neural networks for assessing functional connectivity in resting-state fNIRS”, Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (SCIE, IF=1.113)
  • (2019.02) S.M. Han graduated from CSP Lab, DGIST.
    J. Kim, W.J. Jeong received a bachelor’s degree.
  • (2019.01) Dr. Kim moved to National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore.
  • (2018.12) S. Han received “Outstanding Research Award” from DGIST.
  • (2018.08) H.-J. Kim graduated from CSP Lab, DGIST.
  • (2018.08) S.Han’s paper has been accepted “Secure capacity analysis for magnetic inductive coupling-based SWIPT system”, IEEE Access (SCIE, IF=3.557) (Top 20%)
  • (2018.07) S.-H.Lim’s paper has been accepted “Decoy Signal Based Strategic Beamforming Against High-Power Reactive Jamming”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (SCI, IF=4.432) (Top 20%)
  • (2018.06) H. -J. Kim’s paper has been accepted “Nearly Non-coupling Coil Array Allowing Many Independent Channels for Magnetic Communication ”, IEEE Access (SCIE, IF=3.557) (Top 20%)
  • (2018.04) 2018 homecoming day was held
  • (2018.03) S. Han’s paper has been accepted “Performance Analysis on DPSK Modulation Employing Symbol Repetition and Interleaving”, International Journal of Communication Systems (SCIE, IF=1.066)
  • (2018.03) E.M.Choi’s paper has been accepted “Compatibility Analysis of the Turbo Controller Area Network (TURBO CAN)”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (SCI, IF=4.066) (Top 20%)
  • (2018.03) New students joined CSP lab. (J. Yu, D.Y. Lee, B. Kim, J. Kim, W. Jeong)
  • (2017.12) A new project has been initiated
    “Development of mobile platform for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnosis and relief using AI based neuro-feedback” (PI), National Research Foundation of Korea, 2017~2021
  • (2017.09) H. -J. Kim’s paper has been accepted “Review of near-field wireless powering and communication for biomedical applications”, IEEE Access (SCIE, IF=3.557) (Top 20%)
  • (2017.09) A new student joined CSP lab. (K.M. Kim)
  • (2017.08) C.-K. Park, S.-H. Hwang and T. Trakoolwilaiwan graduated from CSP Lab, DGIST.
  • (2017.08) Dr. Lee moved to Hanwha System.
  • (2017.08) T. Trakoolwilaiwan and B. Behboodi’s paper has been accepted
    “Convolutional neural network for high-accuracy functional near-infrared spectroscopy in brain-computer interface: three-class classification of rest, right and left hand motor execution,” Neurophotonics (SCIE, IF=2.74)
  • (2017.06) A new project has been initiated by Dr. Lee “Research fellowship: Deep learning-based risk minimization for remote medical sensors”
  • (2017.02) Seungik Cho joined “VSI (Vehicular Solution Innovated)”.
  • (2017.01) Prof. J.-W. Choi received “Outstanding Research Award” from DGIST.
  • (2017.01) H. -J. Kim received “Outstanding Research Award” from DGIST.




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